May 10, 2017

Payroll Services

For As Low as $8.00 per headcount, you can outsource your payroll services and save your company cost in the long run. There is no need to incur additional cost by hiring a staff just to process your monthly payroll. You can save your time by outsourcing these laborious and time-consuming activities to us. Impact Best provides affordable and efficient payroll services to small and medium enterprises so that the businesses can focus on revenue generation activities. HR personnel will not be tied down by monotonous payroll activities and can focus on other value-add HR activities.

Our service include:

  • End to end payroll services
  • Tabulation of leave and claims
  • Monthly payroll report
  • Statutory contributions (CPF, SDL, CDAC, SINDA etc)
  • Management of claims, allowances, overtime payment
  • IR8A Tax returns submission

Claim up to 70% for payroll outsourcing activities through the government’s Capability Development Grant

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