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To be the go-to Corporate Services partner for growing enterprises

Provide an affordable and direct approach to solve our clients’ corporate administration hassles


When a company’s operation reaches a sizable workforce, basic corporate processes are necessary so that the business can continue to run smoothly. Corporate processes when incorporated, can ensure that the employees who contributed to the success of the business are happy, well remunerated and retained. However, hiring a full time Finance or HR person in the company might not be justifiable from the cost point of view and outsourcing can be considered as a win-win situation. Impact Best  uses a direct approach to relieve small & medium business owners of their corporate administration headache so that their time and resources can be put to more effective use. We understand our clients’ time and resources are precious, therefore, our solutions are clear and precise. We give our clients more choices and customization, thus accommodating to our clients’ needs.

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